PBX-Private Branch Exchange

A PBX is a smartphone alternate or switching gadget that serves a private agency and lets in sharing of central workplace trunks between internally established telephones, and offers intercommunication between those internal telephones inside the organization without using external lines. The central workplace strains offer connections to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the concentration thing of a PBX lets in the shared use of these traces among all stations in the organization

Our Offerings:

  • HP-110   EPABX System

  • HP-308   EPABX System

  • HP-308H Key Telephone System (KTS)

  • HP-120   Key Telephone System (KTS)

  • HP-130   Key Telephone System (KTS)

  • HP-150   Communication System

  • HP-190   Communication System

  • HP-256   Communication System

  • HP 256   IP Communication System

  • HP-1000 Communication System


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