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VoIP Minutes, Managed VoIP, Mobile VoIP & Wholesale VoIP

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. If you have a reasonable quality Internet connection you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company.


We have three variants in VoIP



VoIP Minutes only


This is subscription based postpaid VoIP minutes only service. In which you will get volume of calling minutes for countries around the world. This is purely VOIP minutes only, so customer can opt for his own preferred internet connection for making up international calls. It is very cost effective solution to those businesses where international calls are in good volumes. It can cut down the recurring cost by 50% minimum that is incurred in international calling.


Managed VoIP


Managed  VoIP  Service  is  a  reliable, high-quality,  IP-based  solution  ideal  for  your  international calling needs.




Assured Voice Clarity


Improve your business productivity with our Managed VoIP (MVoIP)  Service,  a  high  quality,  reliable  voice  solution  that reduces TCO. Our varied MVoIP service offerings provide superior, Internet-based solutions for your international calling needs and are customized to suit your unique business requirements.


Flexible Service Offerings


Our  MVoIP  service is  a  one-stop  solution  that combines Internet connectivity  with voice  minutes.  Our  on-demand, scalable   solution   helps   you   avoid   capital   expenses and manage costs. We provide you with a convenient solution for  superior  Internet  telephony  to  positively  influence your core business.



Global Network


Our  Managed  VoIP services run on  Tata  Communications’ premium Internet bandwidth, which utilizes the shortest route between origin and destination.  We leverage our network to ensure superior backup and restorability.


Mission Critical Dependability

Tier-1  voice  termination  ensures  reliable  call  completion and superior voice quality

Cutting-edge tools like IVMS deliver measurable call quality standards like R-Factor, packet loss, ASR, and jitter Centrally managed, proactive, 24x7x365 support


MVoIP Minutes

Our MVoiP Minutes solution provides a commitment-based, zero-rental, bundled solution.  It is designed for customers with large and predictable call volumes.


MVoIP Ports

Our  MVoIP solution delivers a  no-commitment,  fixed-rental bundled solution designed for customers with small or unpredictable call volumes.


End-to-End Service Delivery

Lower TCO compared to traditional TDM-based solutions Bundled bandwidth and termination solution to ensure better quality and manageability One-stop-shop services to help you procure the  CPE and last-mile connectivity.


Superior Call Quality

Tier-1  voice termination delivers high call completion and superior voice clarity.

Direct routes to the   United   States,   UK,   Australia, and the Middle East ensuring minimum delay.




Mobile VoIP or Enterprise VoIP Dialer


Enterprise VoIP technology has changed the face of calling. The versatility, accessibility, availability, and user-friendliness are just some reasons why people are using TCL’s Enterprise VoIP Dialer on their mobile phones. Instead of using your GSM/CDMA mobile network to make a call, you can simply use TCL Enterprise VoIP Dialer on your mobile phone to make a call.


Use Cases for Enterprise VoIP Dialer

  Just for Outbound Calling (No Incoming)

  • You can procure the services from us

  • Install our enterprise dialer

  • Start calling


  Outbound Calling and Incoming on Mobile number

  • Procure Service from us.

  • Install our enterprise dialer

  • We will mask your outgoing calls with your Cell phone/Landline number(X) so that other person will get your no. as CLI

  • He can call back on the number (X), which will come as a normal call to your mobile handset.

  Outbound Calling and Incoming on International DID/Toll-Free

  • Procure Services from us

  • Install our enterprise dialer.

  • We will mask your outgoing calls with your International DID/Toll free no. (Y)so that other person will get your no. as CLI

  • He can call back on the number (Y), which will come as a normal call to your mobile handset.





(Executives who makes or receives calls from International Destination)


  • Senior Management  

  • Sales Team  

  • Service Team

  • BPO/KPO Employees working from Home


Wholesales VoIP minutes


Wholesale Minutes are a large capacity phone service consisting of a large voice circuit, multiple circuits, or prepaid voice minutes. Wholesale Minutes are used by businesses engaged in telecommunications to provide local, long distance, DID, toll-free, or international voice service as well as other applications including video conferencing, fax, and dial-up. Wholesale Minute costs are based on the volume purchased, typically over 100,000 minutes. Wholesale Minutes are also known as Wholesale VOIP, Wholesale DID, Wholesale Long Distance, Wholesale Origination, Carrier Voice, or Wholesale Termination.

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