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Private Connect delivers high performance and secure cloud connectivity across your business network

Manage risk & protect data

Private Connect lets you make the most of dedicated network capacity over a geographically diverse private network leveraging Private Connect is your gateway to the cloud

Predictable performance

In Private Connect provides Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and consistent network performance while improving customers’ experience.

Increase efficiencies

Untangle your network management with a single, fully managed global platform that is supported by 24/7 customer service to keep your business running at peak performance.


Public Connect enables a better cloud experience by delivering content and applications over the Internet

Improve customer experience

Leverage the Quality of Service (QoS) features to improve the service experience for users whenever they are impacted by peak traffic times

Maximize global growth

Use the full potential of the Internet and cloud by connecting via IZO™ Public Connect. Cloud services are delivered to customers with a level of committed performance.

Performance visibility

Maintain user experience using our reporting tools to visibly monitor performance of Quality of Service and avoid disruption.


Get the flexibility, security, and predictability of a private network with a global Internet-based WAN

Reliable network performance

Internet WAN delivers predictable routing, consistent network performance, end-to-end Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and reporting.

Enable borderless growth

With a reach across 100+ countries and 2000+ cities, and over 5 million buildings, IZO™ Internet WAN supports and innovates your business growth plan globally.

Transition to the Cloud

​Move to the cloud by integrating with your existing Global VPN network to deliver an innovative global hybrid networking solution with guaranteed performance.


Hybrid WAN supports borderless growth through scalable networks designed with an agile architecture

Modular and global

Seamlessly integrate Internet, MPLS and other network technologies to enable greater productivity and efficiency, as well as to support growth into new markets. Be a cloud-ready business.

Borderless growth

We offer direct access to connectivity in over 130 countries, thus growing your reach. With optional IP Security across 190 countries, we’ll help you manage business risk.

Increase productivity

Through collaborations with Internet providers globally, and equipped with end-to-end predictable routing, our global network, and infrastructure increase efficiencies and reduce risk​.​

Clevertek Solutions LLP.


Re-energize your digital potential with SDWAN. Greater trust. Greater speed. Greater security.

A supported transition

Your transition to the cloud across your spread of business is bringing new challenges and bottlenecks, with more congestion, high-security risks, and less control and visibility. So isn’t it time to find out how our cloud-ready suite of solutions with a powerful combination of SD-WAN and Managed Security can take your business on the fast-track

Enhanced security. Extended reach.

With our global reach, award-winning cloud-ready networks powered by Multi-layered, Integrated, Secure, Trusted managed security solutions and market-leading SLAs, we can transform your network to be agile in your growth path. We can tailor our solutions to help you re-imagine, re-build, and re-invent your business strategy. See how we’ve done just that for three global businesses.

Make the journey count

See how three global businesses have achieved the digital transformation needed to drive their strategies – and find out how our award-winning cloud-ready networks can do the same for you

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