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Conference Services

Audio and Video Conferencing through Cisco WebEx


Webex® Calling (formerly Cisco Spark Call) is a cloud-based phone system, part of the Cisco Webex suite of collaboration services. It is optimized for midsize businesses and provides the essential business calling capabilities you are likely to need. With Webex Calling, there’s no need to worry about the expense and complexity of managing phone system infrastructure on your premises anymore. We take care of the Webex® Cloud so you can focus on what matters most.


Webex Calling (formerly Cisco Spark Call) seamlessly integrates with Webex Teams and Webex Meetings, so you can take collaboration inside and outside your organization to a new level. Your staff, customers, and business partners can make high-definition audio and video calls from the office, from home, or on the go. You can share screens, files, and messages, and can also whiteboard, to turn any call into a productive meeting. You can also add Cisco Webex Board, Room, or desk devices to help you get the most out of Webex Teams and Meetings and improve teamwork


WebEx Calling Features


HD video and audio calls

Make and receive HD video and audio calls through the Cisco Webex Teams app or Cisco IP phones registered to the Webex Calling service, and supported by the HD-efficient Opus codec.


Devices and lines

The service supports up to 10 devices per user and up to 8 simultaneous calls per line. Configure a single phone or extension number for multiple users. Prioritize a specific line to always be used when going off-hook


Standard PBX features

Directory-based dialing, resume, forward, shared lines, call paging, three-way calling, favorite personal contacts, speed dials, do not disturb, caller ID, and call transfer, all available on IP phones.


Call pickup

Answer the call ringing on your colleague’s phone or client.


Call barge

Join a call that is in progress on a shared line you are member of. Ideal for assistants and supervisors. With privacy support.


Hunt groups                                                                              

Configure a collection of telephone numbers to ring in a specific order. Fall-back alternate destination available in case of outages. Monitor your login status through a line key


Call park

Park active calls in a call park extension, so they can be retrieved by another device or user.

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