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Multi-Point Label Switching (MPLS-VPN)

The Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based VPN offerings delivers Pan-India connectivity across 100+ strategic points of presence. With  Standard and Managed solutions, employees can connect to business networks from anywhere, including remote locations. By deploying an MPLS network, enterprises can prioritize and set-up highly efficient routes for business traffic, get assured of a high QoS and benefit from any-to-any connectivity.

There are Domestic as well as International MPLS can be deployed with full manageability and on reliable network.

Key Features     


  • A wide choice of bandwidths, from 64 Kbps to 100 Mbps.

  • End-to-end connectivity,

  • International connectivity through two different routes — trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific.

  • Access technology independent.

  • Choice of interface: G.703, V.35 or Ethernet.

  • SLA - based service.

  • Bundled IP addresses, SMTP mail relay and DNS service.

  • Extensive coverage across all the major cities in India.

  • Round-the-clock helpdesk.


Varient of MPLS

  • Standard MPLS

  • Managed MPLS


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