Point to Point/Multipoint or Leased Line Service

Point to Point or Leased Line Service provides balanced, two-way channel connectivity between business locations, regional centers, data hubs, etc. This point-to-point stable Leased Line connection is integral to enterprises.


Why would your organization need it?

  • The latency of this leased line between connected centers is less than 200 microseconds.

  • It enables accurate algorithmic trading at a speed and frequency that is humanly impossible in manual trading.

  • By making algorithmic trading more robust, it also reduces transaction costs and allows investment managers to be in stronger control of their trading practices.

  • It reduces the possibilities of manual mistakes in setting trades

  • It offers standard bandwidth of 1 Gig and N*1 Gig.

  • State of Art Technology

  • Best in Class Services Assurance

A variant of Leased Line Service in Domestic and International Locations.

  • Standard

  • Premium

  • Platinum

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