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Protecting customers’ privacy is a top priority for firms around the world. But data privacy standards differ widely from one country to the next with over 100 variations globally. CIO’s must protect the organization’s critical business apps and sensitive data regardless of the hosting model.We are nest telecom providers in pune

Many enterprises are moving to the cloud for their robust capabilities, including security. To maximize security benefits, there is still a need to adjust and evolve workloads to fully take advantage of the cloud platform.

As cloud adoption continues to grow, it’s the responsibility of security professionals to address a wide range of privacy, compliance, and other risks related to:

  • where and how the organization stores sensitive data in the cloud,

  • how the organization secures and monitors its networks for cloud services,

  • which apps the organization hosts or sources from the cloud, and

  • what endpoints and other devices the organization supports for cloud access.

Typical security and control feature that most compliance certifications and regulations include identity federation, strong authentication, role delegation, privilege management, logging and alerting, encryption, customer key management, data discovery, and disaster recovery.