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Use our Virtual private network services and take the global route to manage a data-rich future business

Maximize growth potential

Take advantage of new markets, emerging markets, and new global opportunities, as well as scale your connectivity up and down to maximize growth and maintain customer retention.

Optimize connectivity options

Take advantage of our investments and infrastructure to efficiently deliver bespoke solutions and gain a competitive edge for your business. Create innovative new services to boost revenue.

Boost customer experience

Enhance customer experience and raise retention rates with our Global VPN (Virtual Private Network) services which offer real-time reporting, monitoring and billing


Grow your business beyond borders with our Wide Area Network Ethernet services​

Plug & play across global sites

Use our unique global Provider Backbone Bridging technology to connect your global sites with plug-and-play Ethernet connections, enhancing user experiences for new and existing customers and employees around the world.

Grow your business with ease

Our cost-effective pricing plans mean you only need to buy the bandwidth when you need it – from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, with our Provider Backbone Bridging, providing true scalability to your business.

Manage network risk

Protect your traffic with dedicated paths and bandwidth that avoid congestion experienced on other Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks. Our Provider Backbone Bridging protects individual traffic streams


Borderless growth supported by leading Internet access service and cloud-enabled MDDoS service the simple solution to minimize risk.

Super-fast connectivity

Your customers and employees will have super-fast connectivity using our global Tier-1 Internet backbone and DDoS mitigation service via worldwide scrubbing farms.

Increase operational efficiency

Our leading Internet access service and cloud-enabled MDDoS service will solve your security challenges and meet your network needs with a single, robust solution.

Always-on experiences

Prevent disruption to your business and your customers, with applications always accessible and effective – even during an attack.


Enhance customer experience and boost employee productivity with our world-leading Internet Access Services

Maximize connectivity

Benefit from technology and performance investments in our Tier-1 network which is powering over 25% of Internet route share through 16+ Tbps IP Backbone.

Enhance global experiences

Give your customers and employees a superior online experience across uninterrupted and speedy on-net routing across six continents – with a global, single ASN via more than 240 Points of Presence.

Integrate with ease

Simply connect to 70% of the world's top content providers, including the top five global end-user bases, directly through the IP network and our 600+ ISP customers from over 20 countries.


Use Private line services to manage the risk and increase your efficiencies by securely transporting mission-critical data across the globe

Increase efficiencies

Our Storage Area Networks deliver real-time data backup with clustering and replication solutions by using a high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency, point-to-point connection to improve efficiencies and reduce risk of data loss.

Scalable & secure

Clevertek Storage Area Networks help you manage your business growth and risk proactively by minimizing downtime quickly, and by replicating large volumes of data securely in real-time.

Ease of management

With Clevertek International Private Line, you can globally manage files with ease, thanks to our network compatibility with a range of hardware and certified storage vendors.


Leverage our global Content Delivery Network for seamless expansion and borderless growth

Superior live streaming

Provide your customers with an enhanced, lag-free experience with our Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is designed for carrier-grade quality video streams to any device, anywhere, any time.

Video on demand

Delight new and existing global audiences with the best quality, multi-platform video all day, every day with Video on Demand (VOD), regardless of their location.

Boost website experiences

 Our Content Delivery Network includes website acceleration, so your visitors achieve faster and smoother webpage load times so stay on-page for longer.

We are nest telecom providers in pune

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