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SIP Trunk & Global SIP Connect

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk is an advanced Voice Connectivity product, with the best in class IP solution. It replaces traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with a single physical link that can support up to 1500 simultaneous calls. Scaling up and down call capacity on our SIP Trunk is very easy, quick and can be done in multiples of 10 channels. SIP Trunk reduces the cost of multiple lines, maintenance, as well as hardware requirements for multiple PRI ports. Enterprises can opt for our SIP Trunk solution to overcome issues related to scalability, maintenance and convergence. This innovative, best in class SIP Trunk Services has won industry awards and offers easy integration with other IP technology platforms. Our unmatched SLA offering includes Network service availability of 99.5%, a complaint MTTR( Mean time to resolve) of 4 hours and service credits in case of commitment breach.

Global SIP Connect, which links your organisation and the world, using our state-of-the-art global IP network to carry all of your voice needs.A building block for your Unified Communications (UC) ecosystem, it places your calling and customer care with just one supplier, making your network simpler and easier to manage.

Manage better

Single contract

 The extensive reach of our Global SIP Connect service means that we can handle your domestic and international voice needs, with a single contract covering 13 countries and international termination in over 240 countries. We can ensure you comply with in-country regulations, while offering improved, uniform service levels to your employees.


 Using Global SIP Connect you can manage your global voice services more efficiently. Consolidate UC equipment at a central site to save money on licenses charged per location. Sites can be added without having to deploy additional hardware and bandwidth can be scaled in more flexible increments than traditional TDM voice circuits.

Complete view

It eases your management burden with full technical, operational and administrative support on both provision and maintenance of local and international voice services. You’ll also have access to a single view of your entire voice network, reducing the complexity of managing multiple dial plans across your office locations.

Communicate smarter

Improved functionality

 With Microsoft Lync making a massive move in the UC space, we have our own SIP network certified with Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013. This interoperability means that greater functionality can be made available to your entire organisation over SIP trunking.

Boost teamwork

When team members are based around the world, it’s vital that they are able to collaborate easily. With Microsoft Lync on Global SIP Connect, they will be able to make local and long distance calls to worldwide colleagues** from home, office or on the move

Easier contact

Both staff and customers can benefit from Global SIP Connect, with global helpdesks or contact centres rolled out instantly on a pay per use basis. Customers can contact you through a local number service**, making them feel closer to you, and helpdesk answers to standard queries can even be automated in local languages.

Save more

Consolidating call costs

Due to our wide reach, global alliances and volume, we can offer the most competitive off-net pricing, lowering your international calling costs. Large organisations with high international traffic could achieve savings of up to 55%*, bringing a quick and substantial return on investment.

Volume-based pricing

With both domestic# and international calling handled by our service provider, you’ll benefit from more competitive, volume-based pricing.

Ongoing savings

With SIP trunking you need less hardware, which makes it easier and less expensive to design, configure, administer and maintain. And because Global SIP Connect is interoperable with existing technology, you’ll also save on upgrade costs of legacy TDMs and IP-based PBXs.

Our systems integrate with

Over 1600 carriers, 785 mobile providers and over 700 VoIP operators. Our Service Provider’s expansive reach in 100+ countries (ITFS), 45+ countries (UIFN), 40+ countries and 300+ cities Local Number Services (LNS), 75 countries (ITFS with service access codes) is the best in the industry

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